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Manufacturers’ Information and Spec Sheets

Solar Hot

  • SolarHot is a local vender out of Morrisville that provides us with collectors, differential temperature controls, pumps, and drainback reservoirs. They are the manufacturer of the SolVelox, an all-in-one heat exchange/pump module. Their site contains spec sheets for their collectors that give good estimates of the Btu production, and manuals for the Steca Solar Control. Furthermore, it is an excellent source for education about solar thermal, exploring how much saving in money and energy you can expect, and piping diagrams of both drain back and pressurized glycol systems if you want a more detailed understanding of how these systems function.

Alternate Energy Technologies

  • Alternate Energy Technologies was Solar Consultants’ primary source of flat plate collectors prior to 2002. Their PDF brochures on the different products are very informative, and give good information of the construction of a collector. If you are interested in pool heating, read their brochure for an estimate of how long a solar heated pool can extended a pool’s usable season.


  • EcoSun is our provider of Solar Heated Pool Collectors. Their site contains diagrams on pool heating systems, comparisons to other conventional ways to heat pools, and an external resource page for an unbiased look at pool heating.


  • Steca is a European company that specializes in system controls. Solar Consultants primarily uses their TR0301 U as the differential control for our solar systems. They have a vast number of controllers for all different uses, such as integrated solar and heating, data logging, and PV applications. (Our pre-2006 systems use Goldline GL-30 controls instead of Steca.)

Armstrong Pumps

  • Armstrong Pumps make the Astro Pump line, one of our main pumps used in both solar systems and radiant floors. PDF brochure has performance curves of their pumps and head ratings. Armstrong also manufactures pumps for Wilo and Bell & Gossett.

Other Solar Information (External Links)

  • Wide-ranging information on Renewable Energy from the NC Sustainable Energy Association. Introductions to solar technologies, with sections on solar thermal (passive heating design, active water and space heating, process heat and air conditioning), photovoltaics, wind, hydro, biomass, tax credits, and policy issues.
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