Pressurized Systems

Solar Consultants - SolarGenix Winston Collector

Solargenix Winston Series Collector

A reflector behind each riser tube concentrates even diffuse sunlight.

Solar Consultants - CPC-2000 collectors

Solargenix Energy CPC-2000 Collectors

Solar Consultants - CPC collectors installed

Solargenix Collectors Installed

An eleven Watt PV panel supplies pump power, so no household electricity is used to produce hot water.

  • Uses a safe propylene glycol/water mixture in the collector and solar loop pipes
  • Efficient and virtually silent operation
  • Can use the latest CPC collector from Solargenix Energy or the AET finned-tube collector
  • Can be run on either 120 V AC or 12 V DC (see photovoltaic power option, below)
  • Very low maintenance (five year checkup is recommended)

Pressurized systems can come with a photovoltaic-powered pump. This includes a PV panel, mounting, 12V DC pump; and it eliminates the need for AC control and pump. This option adds $200 to the Pressurized System price.

For design and tax credit information, owner’s manuals, and other information, see our Library page.

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