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We provide complete pool heating systems, from design, collector mounting, pipe connection to your existing pool filter, temperature control and power valve, to final startup and tuning.

Solar heat can extend your swimming season by 30%, giving you better use of your pool investment.

To adequately heat your pool, you need a collector array equal to at least half the pool surface area; three-quarters is better. Normally these lightweight panels are mounted on the nearest South-facing roof, although sometimes a rack or shade structure is built to support the collectors.

Often the existing filter pump can circulate pool water through the collectors, but if the available roof is two or more stories up, an additional pump is recommended. Heating is controlled by a weatherproof differential temperature module via a motorized valve, and this control can also act as your pool filter timer. It can even be set to automatically cool your pool at night if by the end of summer the water has gotten too warm.

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Last modified: 29 April 2017 3:00 pm